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We show you how it can be done with the results of our client Michael Baumann!

Client project

The order

The Client

More turnover with your sales-optimised website and a relaxed approach to your desired design thanks to personal support, during and after creation.

The goal

More turnover with your sales-optimised website and a relaxed approach to your desired design thanks to personal support, during and after creation.

Client project

Case studie

Learn how Michael Baumann ...

... attracts potential new customers with clarity and well thought-out design.

... makes a solid impression with its offer and creates a lasting wow effect.

... found his way to his own dream website in exactly 30 days stress-free.

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Client project

The approach

How do you generate customer enquiries directly via your own website?

Many SMBs share the same or similar challenge: How do you manage to be present & visible and stand out from the crowd in a time when most people get information on the web? How do you succeed in converting website visitors into customers if you cannot address and serve them directly in person?

Michael Baumann from “Michael Baumann – Garten- & Gebäudeunterhalt” was also aware of this difficulty. He approached us with the clear desire that visits to his website should lead to concrete enquiries as often as possible.

With this, Mr Baumann was exactly at the right address with us.

In practical terms, we have created a clear web presence with a clear design and well-portioned information, which leads exactly to the essentials. Interested visitors are thus not overwhelmed and receive exactly the information they need quickly and easily.

A combination of confidence-building elements (e.g. testimonials) and clear, well-placed calls to action (CTAs) get visitors into action and make initial contact directly.

These are the crucial factors that contribute to the success of Michael Baumann’s website.
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Client project

Bild von langjährigem Kunde Michael Baumann - Garten- und Gebäudeunterhalt
Michael Baumann
Garten- & Gebäudeunterhalt
„Since I know and appreciate Nico Paladino personally, I decided to commission VOGTPALADINO with the website.“
„I will definitely recommend VOGTPALADINO to others. With this company, you are taken seriously and the follow-up is excellent.“
„My first thought when I was presented with the website was a wow effect. Not only I, but also my friends and colleagues were enthusiastic about the website.“
„I particularly liked the reliability of VOGTPALADINO. The personal support and the adherence to deadlines convinced me very much.“

Comment from VOGTPALADINO:
This great customer experience is very often brought to us with similar words and we are very happy about that. Precisely because we know that our customers do not have much time, we have developed our lean process-oriented solutions.

This enables our customers to work together in an uncomplicated, transparent and particularly simple way.
„Practically all new clients first checked out my offers on the website and then hired me for projects.“

Comment from VOGTPALADINO:
This answer confirms the effectiveness of our approach.

The success of our websites and thus our concept is mainly based on a combination of the following three basic elements:

  1. Attention-grabbing elements

  2. Well prepared and correctly placed information

  3. Confidence-building factors

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