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How do companies succeed in being recommended by their own website?

Client project

The order

The Client

More turnover with your sales-optimised website and a relaxed approach to your desired design thanks to personal support, during and after creation.

The goal

Generate more referrals to get more new customers in a relaxed and passive way - regardless of your own time.

Client project

Case studie

Learn how Carmen Vogt ...

... a positive user experience for website visitors is achieved through a clear common thread.

... promotes referrals through clear, understandable content on their website.

... found their way to their own dream website stress-free in exactly 30 days.

Client project

The approach

How do people recommend your website and thus your services or products to others?

Many entrepreneurs agree on one thing: the best customers come via recommendation. Recommendations undoubtedly have a high impact, because people buy from people and that will always be the case.

But how do you get your own website to be recommended to others and achieve direct and very personal visibility among your target group?

Carmen Vogt from “Find-Solutions – Kinder- und Jugendcoaching” approached us with exactly this wish.

With a topic as personal as coaching, a basis of trust is even more important for cooperation. A recommendation to start with is therefore invaluable.

Carmen Vogt’s request fell on sympathetic ears.

Specifically, we worked out that recommendations usually only come when it is very clear what one stands for. That’s why we have clearly structured the offer and content of “Find-Solutions” and presented it in such a way that people quickly and easily understand what they can expect when they work with us.

With the integrated blog with exciting blog articles, which Carmen Vogt can write and maintain herself, another strong effective means for recommendation has been created.

These are all crucial factors that have led to Carmen Vogt receiving more recommendations since the relaunch (i.e. realignment) of her website.
Ein Screenshot der Startseite von - Familien-, Kinder- und Jugendcoaching

Client project

Carmen Vogt, eine langjährige Kundin von VOGTPALADINO im Bereich Familien-, Kinder- und Jugendcoaching
Carmen Vogt
„It wouldn’t be entirely honest if I said it was for this or that reason. No, it was because I know these two young entrepreneurs personally and hold them in high esteem. I was impressed by how goal-oriented and forward-looking they run their company.“
„I will definitely recommend VOGTPALADINO to others. With this company, you are taken seriously and the aftercare is excellent.“
„Great! I was thrilled and also proud to be able to present myself on the web like this.“

„The cooperation was very professional and uncomplicated. I knew exactly which part I had to fulfil and was able to implement it well and quickly. It was an excellent cooperation and not an eternal back and forth. Literally goal-oriented to the target.“

Comment from VOGTPALDINO:
We are particularly pleased with this statement, as we have spent a long time working on our processes so that our customers achieve maximum results with minimum effort. We are constantly working towards statements such as “We have never had a website created so easily” or “We have always known where our website is at any given time” with our process-oriented way of working.
„My customers have congratulated me on my new website. My new homepage is now often recommended to others and this often results in new orders for me.“

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