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Our Story

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Our fellow companions

The team

Beat Erb - Chief Strategic Planning Officer

Where we are running out of ideas, it's really getting exciting for him. Beat Erb has been advising us since the very beginning. With his values and commitment, Beat is an important partner for us and we are proud and happy to have him on board.

Birgit Pütz - Head of Copywriting

When it comes to fitting phrasing, Birgit Pütz is in charge. She juggles text and language in a way that inspires us. Having Birgit on our side who gives our website texts a wonderful depth is of incredible value to us. Texts where the handwriting of each client can be felt.

Laura Vogt - Copywriting

Laura always inspires our clients with tailor-made texts. As a dynamic personality and cheerful nature, she complements our team perfectly. Not only does she formulate flawlessly and eloquently in German, she is also our first choice when it comes to German-English translations or English website texts in general.

Why we step up

Our Mission

20 December 1990, CERN nuclear research centre: Tim Berners-Lee, a software developer described as “brilliant, obsessed”, designs the very first website of the World Wide Web.

Tim Berner-Lee pioneered the way and unleashed an incredible wave of new possibilities.

A wave of prosperity. A wave of rapid, dynamic advancement.

All of these things came about through one man’s brilliant stroke of genius.

Today – 30 years later – we compete for our customers with the same pioneering spirit, enthusiasm and also a certain obsession.

No question, today it is no longer a challenge to bring a website onto the web. Our pioneering spirit therefore flows into the development of simple, customer-oriented solutions.

We are there to support small and medium-sized businesses, and thus the basis of our economy, with well thought-out complete packages.
This is what we stand for with all our expertise.

What we stand for

Core values

VOGTPALADINO and all our decisions are based on a clear foundation of values. We consistently face our customers with these values.

  • Acting and behaving with integrity
  • Focus on the customer
  • Simple, understandable and efficient communication
  • Time-efficient processes and reliable commitments
  • Fair and appreciative environment
  • Recognising and promoting talent
  • Continuous expansion of our expertise
  • Value- and performance-oriented thinking

It's time to push your web presence to the next level!